Equality Policy

Equality Policy


This policy
will demonstrate our commitment to upholding the Equality Act 2010, and how we
Bicycle Land put into practice the Equality Act 2010 (Amended 2012)
.This policy sets out how we aim to put into practice The
Equality Act 2010 (Amended 2012).

We strongly believe that compliance with the general equality duty will result in better informed decision-making, policy development resulting in better outcomes, which will demonstrate inclusive practices that foster positive customer and partner relations, and advance equality of services and products we offer our customers subject to availability.

We at Bicycle Land uphold the Equality Act 2010, and do not and will not discriminate against the  ‘protected characteristics’ which include; age, disability, race, religion and belief (and having no belief), sex (gender) and sexual orientation, gender reassignment (transgender), marriage / civil partnership and pregnancy / maternity

Our Aim

1. Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment

2. Advance equality of product, services and opportunity

3. Foster good relations between different groups, including customers, partners and other third parties.

We are a British Company, based in South Woodford, London. We embrace British values and cultures and celebrate diversity across our business. At Bicycle Land, we have the right to be treated fairly and with respect by everyone including customers and partners, where all feel valued as individuals, whatever their ability regardless of their age, disability, race, religion and belief (and having no belief), sex (gender) and sexual orientation, gender reassignment (transgender), marriage / civil partnership and pregnancy / maternity. We will not tolerate any forms of discrimination against our staff.

How we Uphold/Practise the Equality Act?

  1. We will treat all customers and suppliers/partners and other third parties fairly, with respect, dignity and integrity.
  2. We do not discriminate against anyone regardless of their difference/s.
  3. Our products and services are not specific to any particular groups and therefore available to everyone and anyone from all walks of background regardless of their difference/s.
  4. Accessible product and service information for both customers and partners.
  5. We have been serving and will continue to serve customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
  6. Sometimes we may change deliveries, and the services we offer to improve and facilitate an individual’s product or service experience with us upon their request.
  7. Sometime when customers pay with credit/debit cards via our Stripe Payment system we will request for photo ID, if you have notified us of a change of delivery address, to prevent fraudulent payments/activities.
  8. We treat everyone just as we would like to be treated, with fairness, respect, equality and integrity.
  9. We may recommend a product or a service via chat, email or phone call but this is only upon customer requests.
  10. We endeavor to fulfill customers specific request such as delivery arrangement, a part or accessory they may require, warranty/repair/service, refunds or exchanges. On rare occasions we may not be able to fulfill such request. Please be advised this will only happen as there are several factors out of our control, such as Third parties Terms and Conditions, (ZIP, Paypal, courier services we use, staff training/absences etc.
  11. We will never refuse service to an individual due to their difference.
  12. We will ensure all Stakeholders/partners are made fully aware of our Equality Policy and how it affects their work.
  13. We provide training/ development and updates as appropriate.
  14. We will review our equality objectives and actions to ensure all relevant activity remains relevant, and priorities of our business.

Equality Complaints

At Bicycle Land, we take seriously all complaints; where a complaint is related to equality/diversity issues. Any form of discrimination is a serious act of misconduct. Any allegation of a breach in the policy will be investigated by the manager. This may lead to disciplinary or other appropriate action being taken. You can contact support@bicycleland.co.uk.

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