google_self_driving_bike at Bicycleland

Google Self-Riding Bike

Have you ever heard about the Google self riding bicycle. Google has been working with a Dutch company to engineer a bike that will self-ride, equipped with AI.

The aim of this bike is to make it smarter and safe, it has used Google expertise in self-driving cars to engineer a unique self-riding bicycle. It claims to have two awesome feature, the bike will ride to you to wherever you are using the mobile-app and adjustable pedal to a perfect comfort mode.

Some people believe it is one of the biggest inventions that can give a boost to the economy due to the fact you can actually work on your bike while it rides you to your destination, for others it can entertain their children, take them anywhere, anytime, not sure how safe is that!

The question is now is it true that the bike is actually a self-riding bike and that bike does actually exist, sorry we are not sure about that yet!

If it is true that the bike does exist and self-rides, the prices tag on the bike maybe out of the budget for some. The bike wills surly be an expensive luxury item, it will turn heads, grab attention of most people and envy cyclist. It may surly benefit the users in many ways.

Here is a short video of the self-riding bike.

Share your though with us.

google_self_driving_bike at Bicyclelandgoogle_self_driving_bike at Bicycleland 





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