Fiido D1 & Fiido D2 The Ultimate Electric Moped Bike

What Makes Fiido D1 & Fiido D2 So Great

Since the release of Fiido D1 and Fiido D2, it has become the favorite’s electric / moped bike for all cycle riders across Europe and Asia, it has also made its name in the US now.

Fiido D1 & Fiido D2 are unique bike in our professional opinion, very affordable and cost effective to run. A Fiido D1 or Fiido D2 can be bought for less than £550, that’s a bargain.  It takes 3-5 days for delivery from to anywhere in UK.

The reason being such unique electric bike is that the manufacture has worked with Tesla to manufacture a reliable powerful battery from Panasonic for Fiido.

The bike has three riding modes, Normal Mode, Electric Pedal Assistant and Moped / Throttle Mode. Fiido D1 comes in two model with different battery power. There is Fiido D1 with 7.8ah battery, 14inch wheels and Fiido D1 with 10.4ah battery with 14inch wheels. Fiido D2 comes with 7.8ah and 16inch wheels.

Fiido D1 and Fiido D2 deliver an amazing mileage range of 35-40miles on single charge. Fiido quickly reaches a speed of 15.6 mph, this is very impressive and can climb almost any uphill.

With its all surface tyres and suspension folk on the Fiido D2, the riding is so smooth and efficient.
It requires a key to start Fiido D1 and D2, it is equipped with powerful front light, USB charger, phone holder and a horn button. The seat is very comfortable and easy to ride and can accommodate riders up to 120kg.  Fiido D1 and Fiido D2 can be folded easily and stored in a small place and can be taken on public transport conveniently.

Fiido D1 and Fiido D2 come in two colours, white and dark blue. All Fiido bikes comes with 1 year manufacture warranty for your peace of mind.






2 thoughts on “Fiido D1 & Fiido D2 The Ultimate Electric Moped Bike”

  1. Hi does anyone know what is what on the lcd display, how to tell if battery is fully charged or needs charging as nothing stated on the manual please many thanks

  2. I didnt get a manual with my bike but i am pretty sure that display shows the current amount of battery output and when the bike is stationary it shows the amount left in the battery

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