Fiido M1 Electric Folding Bike Saleat

Fiido M1 Folding Electric MTB Bike 4 Inch Tire 12.5Ah Lithium Battery

Fiido M1 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

We know that riding bike in the mountain is a tough adventure, can the Fiido Folding Electric Mountain Bike change the game of the mountain bike?

After examining this high quality built bike, it clearly shows to be a powerful bike to handle any terrain. The tires are large to travel anywhere, backed-up with large power capacity that delivers powerful torque. The Fiido M1 is an impressive piece of machine and not just a bike.

In honest view, although this bike is high quality and packed with power the weight could be a disadvantage if you were to carry it while climbing up a mountain, but that depend on the kind of adventure, that is for each rider to determine for themselves. All electric bike are quite heavy. The bike itself is designed for such tough adverse condition that will give any riders a thrill time riding the Fiido M1 Electric Mountain Bike on any terrain.

When riding Fiido M1 MTB Bike please ride safely, wear a helmet, beware of others and your surrounding.

Dual Shock Absorption Structure

Fiido M1 MTB bike is equipped with cst20 * 4.0 tires,52 tooth chain disk and Shimano 7-speed transmission with good shock absorption effect and riding stability

Lithium Battery

Fiido M1 MTB bike Built-in detachable, rechargeable large battery capacity of 12.5ah, with a long endurance

Three Riding Modes

Fiido M1 MTB bike has three riding modes

1. Pure electric mode
2. Pedal mode
3. Electric power-assisted mode

When the accelerator is turned on, it is automatically in electric mode; without the fuel gate, stepping on the pedal is electric power-assisted mode

Fiido M1 Folding MTB Bike 

The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light and rust-free; the frame supports folding in half, which is suitable for most of the cars back-up carriages

250W Brushless Motor

The 250 watts brush-less motor offers lower power consumption, 20% stronger endurance and larger starting torque.

Dual Disc Brake

Fiido M1 Folding MTB bike is equipped with front and rear dual disc brake, gives more stability and effective braking.

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