Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike World Debut Future eBike

What do we need to feel free? Feeling nothing, control your mind, body and soul, experience the ultimate freedom with Fiido D11, begin your journey with Fiido, the ultimate electric bike that is swift as your shadow.

The Future Ebike

Imagine there is no limitation at all, except gravity unfortunately. The Fiido folding electric bicycle offers an outstanding riding experience due it’s 20 inch wheel and Shimano 7 gears transmission system, which provides stability under any conditions. No matter how fast you are going the duel disc brake system will immediately slow you down, delivering safe efficient riding. One charge lets you travel up to 100 km on a flat road and 50 km whilst using built-in power boost mode.

Ground Breaking Electric Bicycle Motor

The Powerful 250 watt motor provides sufficient energy for any ride. The aluminium alloy makes it super light, super easy to charge, due to hidden battery inside the seat. It’s minimalist and modern design defines the future of electric bikes. Fiido D11 sky is the limit, swift as your shadow.

Pre-order your Fiido D11 Folding Super Electric Bike today at Bicycle Land. If you experience difficulties reserving your Fiido D11, please send us a email at with the subject heading “Reserve My Fiido D11”.

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