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ADO E-Bike Expert Guide: How To Choose The Right E-Bike for Your Needs?

A DECE OASIS (ADO), was established in 2020 in China, with a global vision to enhance the future of electric bikes for commuters and cyclist around the world. ADO mission is to be your solid commuter partner, providing you with extraordinary e-bike cycling experience.

To do this ADO E-Bike has partnered with Bicycle Land, to deliver the vision and mission of ADO, and provide Sales and After Sale Care to all ADO E-Bike riders in UK.

What Is An Electric Bicycle?

An e-bike is a type of bike with an electric motor instead of pedals. It is also known as an “e-scooter”, “e-moped” or “e-bike”. These bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries, so there’s no need to pedal. You simply turn the throttle to go forward, it also provides electric power assistance when you pedal. Most ADO bikes are designed to be Hybrid mode, meaning you can use both pedal assist mode and throttle mode simultaneously. This feature makes ADO bike very responsive and delivers the electric power instantly when you need it most, especially riding uphill.

Types of ADO Bike

There are two main types of ADO bikes, there are folding electric bike with 20 inch and 16 inch wheel and hybrid road e-bike with 26- 27.5 inch wheel. ADO bikes are designed with 250w rear hub motor. The ADO A20+ has obtained the Germany Dekra certification, for reliability, safety and performance that meets EU regulatory standard. All the ADO folding e-bike has the hidden removable battery with key, simply slide in / out of the folding frame, and then there is the detachable e-bike battery on the hybrid road bike such ad ADO DECE 300C and DECE 300.

ADO E-Bike Derka Certificate for safety, reliability and performance. High performance and high quality electric bicycle in UK.ADO Bike UK – Dekra Certificate for e-bike reliability, safety and performance

Buying Tips For ADO Bike In UK

When buying an ADO bike there are few things you should consider, buy from a reputable retailer / agent in UK with experience in sales and repair of the bike. Here is a link to ADO Bike Agent in UK.

Check if the retailer is actually a bike shop, that specialize only in the sale and repair of e-bikes. Now days you have many e-scooter shops, due to the recent changes in the law with electric scooters, these shop are moving on to selling e-bikes with no prior knowledge / skills and, do not stock parts for the bikes, this can cause distress when requesting for parts, servicing and repair or warranty cover, as they have to juggle between scooters and e-bikes.

Things To Avoid & Consider

Avoid buying from online sellers, these sellers only sell via online with no retail premises, staff or actual stocks. These sellers mostly tend to be outside UK, some of them claim they are “UK Dealers” with a UK warehouse, so be aware, in fact these warehouse actually belong to UK bike shops/businesses . Online sellers do not provide after sale technical support, they are not obliged to abide by UK Consumer Law. As a buyer you will have limited consumer rights.

We provide comprehensive advise on electric bicycle to help you find the right bike. Visit our store in London, or chat to our e-bike experts and view the range we have available. You won’t regret it. We are a dedicated electric bike sales and repair shop.

Can a throttle be installed on ADO A20 E-Bike?

Twist and go throttle can be easily installed on the ADO A20+ Electric Bike and on all the other ADO Electric Bike models. A throttle can be purchased and fitted in Bicycle Land. However ADO A20+ E-bike can also be purchased with Throttle pre-installed from Bicycle Land, with free delivery in UK or collect from London store.  

ADO Electric Bike Folding & Storing Features

ADO folding electric bike are designed with riders need in mind. The ADO + and XE bike models can be folded easily in 10 seconds, for easy storing. The ADO e-bikes are great for camper vans, boaters, office, home, car trunk, commuting, leisure and adventure.

ADO A20 XE Folding E-bike sale and repair in UK
ADO A20 XE Folding E-bike sale and repair in UK

Riders Height For ADO A20+ & A20 XE E-Bike

ADO A20 Bike Riders Height Requirement
ADO A20 Bike Riders Height Requirement Diagram

Riders Height For ADO A20F+ & A20F XE E-Bike

ADO A20 Bike Riders Height Requirement
ADO A20F Bike Riders Height Requirement Diagram


What is the difference between ADO “+” & ADO “XE” Bikes?

The 6 Main differences of ADO + & ADO XE E-Bikes

1. Upgrade to 2.0 brake system, double clamp brake system

2. Upgraded paint work, 4 layers of paint work and, 4 baking process and new appearance

3. Iron Fenders / Mudguard & Rear Pannier Rack included

4. Lengthen the handlebar and switch to mechanical bells

5. Changed to EMARK certified Lights and Reflector

6. Longer fork suspension piston, for enhanced and smooth riding experience

Are ADO E-Bikes good & reliable?

ADO A20 XE, ADO A16 XE, ADO A20F XE has gone through rigorous R&D and testing for quality and reliability. ADO XE Electric Bike has the DEKRA CE Certification from Germany, certified for the ADO XE Models, A16 XE, A20 XE, A20F XE e-bikes. The DEKRA CE is the official quality and reliability assurance for riders, knowing you are buying a high quality, high performance, cutting edge and reliable electric bike in UK and Europe.

In-additional there is ADO XE E-bike, these are same models as the folding electric bike A20+, A20F+ A16+, but upgraded. Below we will cover the difference between ADO “+” and “XE” bike.

The unique selling point of ADO bike is that the HD LCD, allows you to enter the Program Setting and configure it to your preference i.e, you can change the setting to decide the speed, power and modes etc. It also displays live cycling stats for trips, miles and battery level. All ADO models have a front and rear light, some models are equipped with suspension with a waterproof rating of IPX5.

ADO A20F Electric Bike UK Sale
ADO Electric Bike IPX5 Waterproof Rating

ADO A20+ & A20F+ Bike Reviews

ADO A20 Bike Review ADO A20f Bike Review ADO A20 Bike Review - ANDY
ado bike review ADO A20 eBike Review ADO A20+e-bike Google customer review - Christine Wright

Can I Pay In Installment?

Yes you can! We have made it s easy and convenient to buy now and pay later for the bike you love. We accept Klarna and PayPay Pay In 3, a secure and convenient way to shop ADO Bikes. 

Bicycle Land Klarna Buy Fiido Bikes - ADO Bikes - Onebot S6 Bike - Xiaomi Scooter - HIMO Bikes and Pay Later In UK. Bicycle Land Buy Fiido Bike Now Pay Later With PayPal in UK

Maintenance & Care

To easily maintain your bike, make sure you check them regularly for wear and tear. Also, keep the chain clean and lubricated. You should also replace the brake pads every year or so. Regularly check tyre pressure and wear. Check for any noises, and keep the bike clean. We have a dedicated ADO e-bike Repair Centre in London, to provide sales & support to all riders in UK.

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