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Fiido eBike Repair Centre

E-Bike Repair Centre

We provide repair and parts the following e-bike brand: Fiido, ADO, HIMO & EELO. 

  • Fiido Folding Electric Bike Repair.

We are the Fiido Official UK Retailer & Repair Centre in UK. We carry out full servicing, overhauling, and repair of Fiido Bikes, Fiido D1, D2, D3S, D3 PRO, D4S, D11, D21, L3, M1, M1 PRO, M21 & T1 Cargo E-Bike. If you need custom service please let us know.

If you want to upgrade Fiido D4S / D11/ D21/ M1 PRO e-bike wheel spokes with Sapim Spokes and other parts, we can supply and carry out professional wheel building / upgrading, with a quick turn around. 

Upgrade your bike with Schwalbe tire, Hydraulic brakes for the ultimate road performance. 

  • HIMO Folding Electric Bike Repair. 

We are HIMO E-Bike Official Retailer & Repair Centre in UK. We stock most parts for HIMO z20 Folding Electric Bike & Z16 e-bike. Need spokes for HIMO Z20 bike, HD LCD Display, Crank Set, HIMO Z20 Bike Rear Rack, Chain, Controller & Mainlines, we have it all in our workshop. To book repair or upgrade HIMO e-bike, simply call or contact us by email to book your service.   

  • EELO Folding E-bike Repair.

We are EELO E-Bike retailer & repair Centre in UK, London. We stock EELO Folding Electric Bike, including all the parts for any repair needed. Need 14inch tire, LCD display, Disc Brake Caliper or just want to upgrade your EELO bike. Simply call contact us by telephone or email, and we will take care of the rest.  

  • ADO Electric Bike Repair.

Need help reparing & servicing ADO Bike in UK. Not to worry, we are the official Retailer & Repair Centre for ADO Electric Bike. We stock parts for ADO A20+, A16+ e-bike, ADO A20F+ Folding E-Bike & ADO DECE  300 & 300C Hybrid Mountain E-Bike.

Our experienced and qualified team of Cycle Technician can fix & service any bikes, and electric scooters. Majority of the parts are available at our workshop for any jobs. We use state of art workshop and, licensed bike shop tools to carry out professional e-bike repair.  

Please your book bike repair by sending email to 

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