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Brake Pads – Circle


Brake Pads – Circle

Fiido Bike Brake Pads-D1/D2/D2S/D3/D3S/D4S/L2/L3/Q1/Q1S/M1/M1Pro/D11
ADO Folding Electric Bikes

Brake Pads – Circle

Circle brake pads are most commonly used with both Disc Brake and Hydrualic Brake Calipers. These high quality brake pads offer long lasting performance and effective brake in all weather condition. If the shape matches it will fit and work as normal.  

Fiido Bike Brake Pads – D1 / D2 / D2S / D3 / D3S / D3 Pro / D4S / D11 / D21 / L2 /L3 / M1 / M1Pro / M21 / T1, ADO e-bikes, Samebike, Engwe and all other bike.
If the shape matches, it will work. 

1 Pair Brake Pads
1-3 Days Delivery In UK

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