Fiido D2S The Ultimate Electric Moped Gear Shifting Bike

The Fiido D2S Electic Moped Bike 

Since the release of Fiido D1 and Fiido D2, it has become the favorite’s electric  moped bike for all cyclist across Europe and Asia, it has also made its name in the US and there not enough to go around. The manufacture are working around the clock to meet the demands of customers. Luckily we have plenty in stock available for customer with fast 1-2 deliver option available.

The Fiido D2S Gear Shifting Feature 

Fiido D1 & Fiido D2 are unique bike in our professional opinion, very affordable, reliable, powerful and cost effective to run. However cyclist would want much more speed control for better performance and comfortable ride. This where the FIIDO D2S comes into play. It gives the rider the ability change up-to 7 gears, complemented with 7.8Ah battery with moped or electric assistant. This delivery a amazing efficient riding. Once you start riding FIIDO D2S you just can not stop. Perfect for any road terrain and long distance riding. The FIIDO D2S will leave you in no traffic and possibly makes the car drivers envy. If you would like to avoid the public transport or do long distance riding, the FIIDO D2S will deliver the power and speed you need.

The bike has three riding modes, Normal Mode, Electric Pedal Assistant and Moped / Throttle Mode. Fiido D2S can be purchased for less than £600, that’s a bargain! You will not find a better electric bike with this budget.

The high street is flooded with low performance electric bicycles with less features, less power and less mileage range and low speed, sell for around £1,500 – £4,000 per bike. We consider this to be a rip-off.

However thanks to FIIDO D2S, we can avoid such low performance bike with high-tag price in high street. Here at Bicycle Land we can deliver FIIDO D2S in 3-5 days anywhere in UK.

With its all surface tire and suspension folk on the Fiido D2S, the riding is so smooth and efficient. It requires a key to start, it is equipped with powerful front light, USB charger, phone holder and a horn button. The seat is very comfortable and easy to ride and can accommodate riders up to 120kg.  Fiido D2S can be folded easily and stored in a small place and can be taken on public transport conveniently.

Fiido D2S come in two colour, White and Dark Grey. All Fiido bikes comes with 1 year manufacture warranty for your peace of mind.


Fiido DS2
Fiido DS2 Electric Folding Bicycle         





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