A new way to pay that’s available online and lets you own it now and pay for it later!

Who are Zip?

Zip creates simple, secure, fair and transparent credit and payment solutions that give shoppers more freedom. Zip allows you to own the things you want now, and pay for them in 4 simple instalments. All interest-free on purchases, which could be up to £1000.

Am I eligible to pay using Zip?

To shop using Zip, you need:

– To be over the age of 18

– To have a UK issued debit card

– To be living in the UK

– To have a good credit history

Will Zip affect my credit score? 

Zip performs a soft credit check with credit
reference agencies to determine if you are eligible. This does not impact your
credit score

How do I pay with Zip? 

When you get to the payment page, select Zip as a
payment method.

If it’s your first time shopping with Zip, you’ll need to enter some personal
details such as name, date of birth, mobile phone number and home address. Take
care when entering your personal details as errors may prevent Zip from being
able to verify your account or send you payment notifications.

Once approved, and you are happy with the
instalment schedule, Zip will take the first instalment from the UK card you
supplied when signing up.

Once accepted, your goods will be sent to you as
they would with any other payment method. 

Is my payment information safe?

Payment information is processed
securely by our payment gateway provider. All transactions take place via
secured connections that adhere to the latest industry standards and security

What happens if I cancel or return my order?

Once the merchant has notified us of the
cancellation/return and we’ve accepted it, Zip will cancel any future scheduled
payments as well as refund any amounts due.

As soon as we have registered your cancellation or
return, Zip will process your refund within 10-15 business days.

Any partial refunds will be applied to outstanding
instalments first.

What happens if I don’t pay for my order?

Zip will automatically attempt to collect payment
for your Pay In 4 purchase from the card you entered when you signed up to Zip.

If you miss a scheduled payment, Zip will give you
2 full days to process the payment yourself. On the third day after the payment
was missed we will retry this payment again, if this retry is unsuccessful we
will apply a £6 late fee to the instalment. A payment can be made by you
at any time by logging into your Zip customer portal. Please make sure you have
money in your account in advance of your payments coming out.

Zip will contact you directly by email and SMS in
advance every time as a reminder. 

I have asked for a refund. How will I be refunded?

Refunds from Zip will be issued back to the card
supplied to Zip.

Is there really no interest applied and no extra fees when payments are made on

Nope, Zip are not like some traditional finance
companies. As long as you pay your scheduled payments on time you will only pay
the price advertised.

When will my payments be due? 

Payments are automatically scheduled to be taken
every 2 weeks.

You’ll pay 25% of your full purchase upfront, then
25% every 2 weeks for the next 6 weeks.

Zip will try to take payment during the day and try
again if unsuccessful. If this fails, or if you’d like to make a payment
earlier, you can log into your Zip customer portal and manually make a payment.

For more information, visit our Help pages at

I’ve received a statement from Zip, but I’ve not yet received my goods.

Zip is the finance provider and will not have
information regarding your order status. 
Please always contact the retailer directly about your purchases.

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